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What we fund

The activities with a specific scope to be funded by the Peacebuilding Fund will include:

(a) Activities designed to respond to imminent threats to the peace process, support for the implementation of peace agreements and political dialogue, in particular in relation to strengthening of national institutions and processes set up under those agreements;

(b) Activities undertaken to build and/or strengthen national capacities to promote coexistence and peaceful resolution of conflict and to carry out peacebuilding activities;

(c) Activities undertaken in support of efforts to revitalize the economy and generate immediate peace dividends for the population at large;

(d) Establishment or re-establishment of essential administrative services and related human and technical capacities which may include, in exceptional circumstances and over a limited period of time, the payment of civil service salaries and other recurrent costs.[1]

Priority Areas and Focus Areas

Under Priority Area 1, the PBF engages in three main areas to support the implementation of peace agreements in post conflict states: Security Sector Reform (SSR); Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) and the Rule of Law. In post conflict countries the security sector is often left decimated. The PBF provides assistance to update equipment, train security forces/ police and improve essential infrastructure. To galvanize a functioning judicial system the PBF strengthens national justice systems at both the national and local levels facilitating decentralization. The rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-combatants has been a major focus of the PBF’s involvement with DDR projects. All this support has often come at a time when other funding has not been readily available.

Under Priority Area 2, in promoting coexistence and supporting the peaceful resolution of conflict, the PBF supports national reconciliation, good governance and the management of natural resources, including land. Such projects can span a wide range of peacebuilding initiatives including social cohesion, women’s empowerment, and peaceful resolution of land disputes and strengthening independent institutions and non-state actors.

Under Priority Area 3, the PBF is concerned with stimulating the post-conflict economy and generating some immediate peace dividends through the creation of targeted short-term employment opportunities and through fostering sustainable livelihoods for those affected by, previously involved in or at risk of conflict. Activities include strengthening economic governance through the promotion of private sector partnerships, development of viable micro-enterprises and livelihoods diversification, as well as the use of employment schemes and public works, often focused on youth and women and always with the peacebuilding focus.

Under Priority Area 4, the PBF supports projects that are designed to rebuild the key state administrative services, including providing basic targeted infrastructure and improving public service delivery and strengthening the decentralization objective. With governments primarily focused on security and political processes in post-conflict settings, resorting basic administrative services becomes a key priority as a way to restore state legitimacy and rebuild the confidence of conflict weary populations.  PBF management and administration is used for PBF Secretariats and other similar projects, necessary to implement PBF but not related to a thematic priority area.


Priority Area 1: Support the implementation of peace agreements and political dialogue

1.1    Security Sector Reform

1.2    Rule of Law

1.3    Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR)

1.4    Political dialogue


Priority Area 2: Promote coexistence and peaceful resolution of conflict

2.1    National reconciliation

2.2    Democratic governance

2.3    Conflict prevention/ management


Priority Area 3: Revitalize the economy and generate immediate peace dividends

3.1    Employment

3.2    Equitable access to social services


Priority Area 4: Re-establish essential administrative services

4.1    Strengthening of essential national state capacity

4.2    Extension of state authority/ local administration

4.3    Governance of peacebuilding resources (including JSC/PBF Secretariats)


Investments by Focus Area


[1] Arrangements for the revision of the Terms of Reference for the Peacebuilding Fund: Annex paragraph 2.1