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Peacebuilding Fund Update – September 2015: “New Programming, Strong Recommendations – But Still Needing Scaled-up Contributions”


Since the Peacebuilding Fund’s Stakeholders meeting at the end of June, the Fund has made new commitments in Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Guinea-Bissau, Sri Lanka, Niger and Myanmar amounting to $37.7 million. This programming includes $12 million to help catalyze the DRC’s Trust Fund for stabilization in the east – including $4 million in an innovative matching allocation to spur bilateral contributions. The Immediate Response Facility has been used to support risk management and rule of law programming in Somalia, utilizing the government-led New Deal Compact governance structure to identify priority programmes. In Sri Lanka, the IRF has been used to seize new opportunities to promote national reconciliation, by supporting the resettlement in the north. In Niger, the Fund is being used to help strengthen national institutions to prevent conflict in a volatile region. In Guinea-Bissau, the Fund is supporting the new Government’s priorities to promote dialogue, support security sector reform, strengthen rule of law and promote increased engagement of women and youth. In Myanmar, the Fund will support the second phase of a programme to assist the Government – and ethnic armed groups – address issues of child soldiers.

Despite the positive assessment of the Fund and the calls for its strengthening by the Advisory Group of Experts – as well as by the High-level Independent Panel on Peace Operations – the status of contributions of the Fund has not improved – rather slightly worsened – since the Stakeholders meeting. For more information click here.