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PBF Donor Update


On 25 January 2016, PBSO updated donors on the status of the Peacebuilding Fund. The meeting included highlights from the Secretary-General’s 2015 Report on the Peacebuilding Fund, and engaged in discussion on future programming in the context of constrained finances. Specifically, the Fund cautioned that current demand for 2016, at roughly $104 million, is vastly outpacing available resources and will soon prompt difficult investment choices.  This despite the recent donations of Indonesia, Poland, Estonia, Switzerland, Ireland, Russian Federation, Australia, Japan, Germany, UK and Sweden for a total of $22 million.  Meeting participants noted that the challenging funding situation of the PBF stands in sharp contrast to the wide spread recognition of the Fund as a unique instrument that promotes coherence through fast and flexible support to high-risk peacebuilding interventions.  PBF outlined a series of management steps it is launching to mitigate the financial constraints and announced plans for a pledging conference later in 2016.  For more detail about the meeting, please find the PBSO’s presentation here.