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PBF Burundi evaluation 2014


In Burundi, an independent evaluation was undertaken in late 2013/early 2014, covering the entire period of PBF funding to date, from 2007 to 2013. The evaluation found that PBF provided funding for critical peacebuilding initiatives, which helped lay the foundation for key democratic institutions, unblock political deadlock and reduce tensions around disarmed ex-combatants and returning displaced communities, at a time when there was no equivalent source of funding for peacebuilding in Burundi. At the same time, the evaluation highlighted some challenges and weaknesses of individual project components, including not being sufficiently infused with a peacebuilding lens or lacking a plan for sustainability. According to the evaluation, ultimately the success of individual projects and their components depended on “whether they were implemented by teams with political, peacebuilding programming, and monitoring knowledge; whether they were supported by innovative feedback mechanisms from a representative group of stakeholders; and whether they had national partners that were invested in both the idea and the implementation of the activity.”

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