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Independent External Review of the United Nations Peace Fund for Nepal (UNPFN)


UNPFN was established as a complementary instrument to the government run Nepal Peace Trust Fund (NPTF) in March 2007 to mobilize UN agency support to the implementation of the peace process. The Fund focussed only on tasks that cannot be funded or implemented through existing mechanisms. Initially operating under the UN Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) and answering to the immediate needs of the peace process, the UNPFN was transferred at the beginning of 2009 to the office of UN RC/HC. In the last four years, the UNPFN has committed a total of USD 32.27 million to 18 projects implemented by 12 UN agencies. The UNPFN has received funds from the PBF and the governments of Canada, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The PBF is the largest single contributor.

An independent review was conducted in May and June 2011 by a Review Team of international and national consultants from the Organisation Development Centre (ODC), a Nepali consulting firm. The main objective of the review was to assess and examine the UNPFN’s role and contribution to the peace-building process in Nepal and to identify measures and approaches to strengthen the operation of the Fund in the future. The review was based on the understanding that the success of every peace-building effort depends on the willingness of national actors to accept and own the process. In the case of Nepal partnership, collaboration of stakeholders and national ownership of the process are critical for the success of the peace-building process.

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