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Fourth Consolidated Annual PBF Progress Report 2010


This consolidated report covers the period 1 January to 31 December 2010 and provides narrative, results-based and financial information on progress made in the implementation of projects funded by the PBF, as well as the common achievements and challenges. Information on results has been consolidated both under the global thematic areas of the PBF as well as under each country where the PBF is active. The report is prepared based on information and data contained in the individual progress reports and financial reports and statements submitted by Recipient
Organizations to the MDTF Office. It is neither an evaluation of the PBF, nor the MDTF Office’s assessment of the performance of the Recipient Organizations. However, the report does provide PBSO and PBF country-level Steering Committees with a comprehensive overview of achievements and challenges associated with projects funded by the PBF, enabling them to make strategic decisions and take corrective measures, as appropriate. As Manager of the PBF, PBSO is responsible for performance assessment, using a variety of tools including independent country evaluations.

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