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A Peacebuilding Priority Plan for Guatemala has been approved


A Peacebuilding Priority Plan for Guatemala has been approved and covers the most important challenges of outcome 5 of Guatemala’s United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2010 – 2014 referring to Development Assistance for rule of Law, Justice and Security. Jointly determined priorities are the following:

Technical and human capacity of the national police (re)built with special attention to equipping and skill training to promote strict adherence to the constitution, discipline, civic education, professionalism and human resource management.

Judiciary system is strengthened through equipping, staffing and training of Office of the magistrate and courts to establish credibility,  professionalism, independence, and efficiency in the judiciary system and inclusive law reform in order to institue rule of law.

National reconciliation processes focused on promotion of peace and of a culture of inclusive peaceful coexistence, as well as on resolution of  conflicts, are strengthened and the most urgent human rights legacies of the conflict addressed, including responsible media;

Good governance, transparency of public financial management improved and corruption addressed;

Exercising of fundamental human rights by general public improved to  redress enduring practices of political and economic exclusion.