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How we fund

The PBF funds through two different facilities.

The Immediate Response Facility is designed to jumpstart peacebuilding and recovery needs. It is a flexible and fast funding tool for single or multiple projects up to one year in duration. Proposals submitted by the senior UN representative – that meet the criteria – may receive funding within three weeks.

The Peacebuilding and Recovery Facility is designed to support a more structured peacebuilding process, driven by national actors based on a joint analysis of needs with the international community. When a country has been declared eligible to receive funding from the PBF, the PBSO established a country allocation based on the approved Priority Plan and elegates project approval authority to a Joint Steering Committee co-chaired by the national Government and the United Nations.

PBF Facilities and Purpose

Country with peacebuilding needs and significant UN presence

  • Situation

  • Emergency or ‘shock’ (eg political violence) at any time, or transitional government, or unforeseen needs; Or significant PB opportunity arises which triggers the SG to initiate a system-wide response
  • Situation

  • typically within 5 years of conflict; and/or significant risk of lapsing into conflict and – existing PCNA, or UNDAF / PRS incorporating PB goals; and – full / effective government partnership in identifying priorities and overseeing PBF resources;
  • The Immediate Response Facility (IRF)

  • Shorter term financing (18 months max)
  • Each project approved by PBSO (New York)
  • Max $15m for a package of projects
  • The Peacebuilding and Recovery Facility (PRF)

  • Longer term financing (3 years)
  • Uses a strategic document (Peacebuilding Priority Plan) as the basic document approved by PBSO (New York)
  • Strategic doc needs good results matrix / M&E / logframe
  • Authority to identify specific projects delegated to UN-gov-civil society management committee ( “Joint Steering Committee”)
  • Needs Secretary-General Eligibility


For more details see the Guidelines for Applying to the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) Part 1