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Timor-Leste Overview

(PBF programs completed)

The civil unrest of 2006/2007, which started as a conflict between different elements of the military of Timor Leste and escalated into an outbreak of general violence, caused the displacement of more than 21,000 Timorese families.

Despite much progress made toward the return and reintegration of these families since 2008, significant challenges to sustained peace and stability of the country remained in 2009. Unresolved land and property issues, social jealousy, limited access to basic resources, and remaining deep-rooted tensions and/or divisions within communities hampered a return to stability.

In the period July 2009 – September 2010, the PBF supported the return and reintegration of the last remaining 900 families, 82 community-level dialogue activities, 250 mediation services, and the implementation of 19 small community projects to reduce competitions in communities of return. It also supported the capacity development of representatives of 23 village councils and community leaders for conflict prevention and service delivery and helped set up a Department of Peacebuilding and Social Cohesion in the Ministry of Social Cohesion.

This 1 million USD project, implemented jointly by IOM and UNDP, was operationally closed on 30 September 2010.

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