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Sudan Overview

PBF has been engaged in Sudan since early 2010 supporting reinsertion and reintegration of ex-combatants and IDPs through creation of livelihoods and protection to vulnerable populations.

The period of engagement has been marked by a number of events requiring PBF to be flexible in its approach. Firstly, and in response to political developments in 2010 and the security situation in Abyei, PBF decided to remove its support for DDR there and approved reprogramming of the funds to support i) the DDR programme in Southern Kordofan and Khartoum and ii) the reintegration of IDPs in Abyei instead. Ongoing turmoil in both Abyei and South Kordofan in 2011 has created further difficulties for PBF implementation.

PBF has been approached by the Government and UN authorities in Khartoum regarding funding for Darfur. However, it is felt that Darfur is currently not at a stage that would warrant the allocation of PBF resources as the peace process is neither sufficiently inclusive nor well enough advanced.

Project Outcomes

PBF has contributed to the DDR process in Eastern Sudan achieving significant results including (a) reintegration of 850 ex-combatants and (b) successful implementation of peacebuilding-oriented socio-economic projects that benefited communities in the three Eastern States (Kassala, Gedaref and Red Sea).  These projects were identified and agreed among the communities and addressed some key conflict drivers like competition for water, lack of basic social services, and, the need for linkages to Government’s policy making.

Total portfolio

  • Ex-combatants reintegration activities in Eastern Sudan (partner:UNDP, $1.7m)
  • Ex-combatants reintegration activities in Southern Kordofan and Khartoum states (partner: UNDP, $4,6m)
  • Reinsertion and Reintegration of IDP returns to Abyei (partner: UNHCR, $2m)
  • Protection and peacebuilding activities in Southern Kordofan/Nuba Mountains (partner: UNHCR, $2m)
  • Out of Country Registration and Voting – Southern Sudan referendum (partner: IOM, $1.6m)

Quarterly reports for each project are available on the MPTF-O Gateway site

Key Figures

Participating Organizations' 2011 expenditure reports are not yet posted. Expected 30 April of 2012, subject to timely reporting.

Participating Organizations


Key Figures
  • Budget:
  • Transfers:
  • Expenditures:
  • $19.07 m
  • $12.49 m
  • $10.99 m

Quarterly reports for each project are available on the MPTF-O Gateway site