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Sri Lanka
UN Secretary General visits IDPs

Sri Lanka Overview

Following the ending of the war in Sri Lanka, the Peacebuilding Fund financed in January 2010 a project through its Immediate Response Facility to facilitate the safe return and socio-economic recovery of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). PBF made a $3 million catalytic contribution to a set of activities, developed as part of a holistic approach towards peacebuilding and consolidation in support of the national strategy (projected to total $6.9 million).

Activities are implemented by UNDP and UNICEF aiming to:

  • Undertake mine action activities facilitating the safe return and socioeconomic recovery of IDPs;
  • Identify war-injured and war-disabled, assess their needs and provide referral to services;
  • Generate peace dividends to generate general confidence.

The project faced a number of implementation delays, arising from access issues as well as procedural hurdles, and was granted an extension of six months. The project closed operationally in July 2011.

Quarterly reports for each project are available on the MPTF-O Gateway site

Key Figures

Participating Organizations' 2011 expenditure reports are not yet posted. Expected 30 April of 2012, subject to timely reporting.

Participating Organizations