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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Overview

The UN has accompanied the peace consolidation efforts in Sierra Leone through a series of Security Council (SC) mandated missions and the work of the UN Country Team (UNCT). Sierra Leone is one of the largest recipients of PBF funding and is also on the agenda of the Peacebuilding Commission.   Cumulatively since 2007, Sierra Leone has received US$52.2 million in assistance for a wide range of projects including assistance to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, assistance for victims’ reparations, and dealing with political party conflict mediation and codes of conduct, amongst others.

The current round of Peacebuilding Fund support to Sierra Leone supports transition from the United Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Office in Sierra Leone (UNIPSIL) to UNCT after the third successive round of peaceful elections in the country, and the launching by the Government of Sierra Leone of its Agenda for Prosperity (AfP) for social and economic development for 2013-18.  PBSO subsequently approved three projects that were designed to focus on bridging the gap and ensuring a smooth UN transition following the drawdown of UNIPSIL by March 2014 and building the capacity of the relevant UNCT in preparation for the post-UNIPSIL era.  The three projects support four specific tasks, i.e. i) facilitating political dialogue including support to the Government particularly related to the planned constitutional review; ii) security sector reforms;  iii) strengthening of Human Rights institutions, and iv) conflict prevention.   At the peak of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) epidemic PBSO exceptionally approved the reprogramming of the three PBF projects to help address and respond to the peacebuilding dimensions of the crisis.

In the coming period, the Peacebuilding Commission will be undertaking a reflection of its accompaniment to Sierra Leone, with an eye on how the United Nations can further support sustainable peace.  PBSO will be looking at how the Peacebuilding Fund can support accordingly.

 Total funding support in US$:

  • PRF allocation    $43,711,757.00
  • IRF allocations – $8,457,979.00
  • Total:                $52,169,736.00

Focus of PBF support:

Below is the list of PBF active projects:

Project name/ ID Focus Period Budget RUNOs
Support to Security Sector reforms in Sierra Leone to build effective and accountable institutions for increased citizen securityPBF/IRF-77 The project helps the Government of Sierra Leone to ensure that democratic governance of the security sector on the basis of the rule of law is recognized as crucial to securing peace and sustainable development. October 2013-December 2015 $2,780,000 UNDP
UNIPSIL Support to Sierra Leone’s Constitutional Review ProcessPBF/IRF-72 The preparatory project supports the Sierra Leone’s Constitutional Review Process by building the capacity of Non State Actors including political parties to contribute substantively to the process, and will complement the UNDP-funded outreach phase of the exercise. September 2013 – April 2014 $298,061 UNDPA
Developing national mechanisms and capacities for conflict prevention and peace preservation in Sierra LeonePBF/IRF-94 The project aims to strengthen conflict resolutions mechanism in Sierra Leone building on the existing systems and filling the potential gaps due to the withdrawal of UNIPSIL by support and strengthening national stakeholders to institutionalize the systems for preserving peace through an early warning and response system, and to   create a culture of dialogue to resolve political differences. August 2014 – February 2016 $1,515,000 UNDP
Support efforts to consolidate key human rights activities in partnership with then Human Rights Commission of Sierra LeonePBF/IRF-95 The aims to fill a critical human rights monitoring gaps left by UNIPSIL transition and aims to strengthen the Human Rights Council of Sierra Leone’s human rights monitoring capacity especially to address the lack of compliance of business practices with international Human Right standards and to protect and promote awareness of rights of women, girls and disabled persons. June 2014 – December 2015 $525,000 OHCHR


Overview of PBF support and results:

As the Ebola crisis unfolded in Sierra Leone, the PBF-funded project in support of SSR and aimed at elevating security actors’ professionalism, treatment of prisoners, and improving relations with civilians was rapidly refocused to address emergent problems connected to Ebola. Specifically, the project quickly provided human rights training for security personnel manning border and EVD checkpoints and legal aid to prisoners, yielding impressive results. NGOs and media monitors reported the absence of any serious abuses at EVD checkpoints and a reduction of conflicts between citizens and security personnel. Legal aid for prisoners resulted in the release of 163 prisoners and a reduction in the use of pre-trial detention which eased prison congestion. As a result, during the reporting period, prisons participating in the project reported no EVD cases.

 Key documents:

Updated in October 2015

pdf Download Sierra Leone Evaluation 2014
pdf Download Sierra Leone Evaluation 2011

pdf Download Final Evaluation pdf Download Priority Plan pdf Download Priority Plan 2011 pdf Download 14th Edition NSA Newsletter pdf Download 19th Edition NSA Newsletter

Quarterly reports for each project are available on the MPTF-O Gateway site

Key Figures

Participating Organizations' 2011 expenditure reports are not yet posted. Expected 30 April of 2012, subject to timely reporting.

Participating Organizations


Key Figures
  • Budget:
  • Transfers:
  • Expenditures:
  • $47.04 m
  • $46.92 m
  • $40.63 m

Quarterly reports for each project are available on the MPTF-O Gateway site