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Kenya Overview

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Kenya: Emergency Volunteer Scheme for Community-based reconciliation

The announcement of the results of the Presidential election in Kenyaon 30th December 2007 sparked the country into crisis. Sporadic violence, looting, destruction of houses, and escalating incidences of rape were reported in many parts of the country.  Tension was greatest in Rift Valley Province where the on-going unrest took on an ethnic dimension. Although the violence was sparked off by the disputed election results the tension is also linked to and accentuated by underlying conflict drivers, which include socio-economic disparities and ethnic divisions. Close to 1,000 people died while an estimated 248,215 were displaced in Kenya.

PBF Support
A rapid consultation facilitated by the UN in Kenya with key stakeholders from the Government, civil society organizations, political parties and NGOs called for a quick response.  An emergency scheme, led by UNV and UNDP and other partners, utilised available volunteers to provide avenues for community healing, reconciliation peace building and service delivery in targeted hot spots.  In June 2008, the PBF provided a total of US$ 1 million from the Emergency Window (now IRF) to support this initiative.  The scheme tapped youth leaders, retired professionals and community opinion leaders to bring a turn around effect on tensions caused in the post election was proposed. An independent evaluation by Africa Development Alternative, Nairobi (2010) of this project judged its community-based reconciliation successful. In particular, it highlighted that anchoring the initiative on volunteerism presented a distinctive contribution that facilitated inclusion. It also offered a less costly method with a wide reach.  The community-based structures initiated by the project have now been effectively integrated into the national early-warning and response system and structures.


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Quarterly reports for each project are available on the MPTF-O Gateway site