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Azali Assoumani (left), President of the Union of the Comoros, accessions the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons, including Diplomatic Agents, 1973; the International Convention against the Taking of Hostages, 1979; the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, 2000, and ratifies the International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings, 1997, and the International convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism, 1999. Second ftom right is Hans Corell (shaking hands with Mr. Assoumani), Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and Legal Counsel, and far right is Palitha T.B. Kohona, Chief, Treaty Section.

Comoros Overview


Comoros has suffered chronic political and institutional instability. On 25 June 2008, the Comoros was declared eligible to receive assistance under the PBF to support peacebuilding amounting efforts in support of the Inter-Comorian Dialogue and centred, among other issues, around: a) the rotating presidency, b) autonomy for the islands and c) constitution with an initial funding package of US$9.4 million. Under this Plan, the Fund supported security sector reforms (including DDR in Anjouan and capacity building of the National Police), governance and social cohesion, revitalization of the economy and development of the national peacebuilding capacity. Following an evaluation of the first Priority Plan, PBSO provided a further US$2.5 million under a second Priority Plan to consolidate peacebuilding gains.  Fund support helped the UN to response to the prevailing political and security situation in Comoros which remains characterized by mistrust and suspicion as shown by the outcome of contested parliamentary elections of 2014, and the emerging constitutional crisis on the 2016 presidential elections.

Total funding support in US$:

PRF tranches: Priority Plan 1 – $9.4 million
  Priority Plan 2 – $2.5 million
IRF:       US$400,000


Focus of current PBF support:

Project name/ ID One sentence explaining focus Period Budget RUNOs
Support for sustainable peace through the promotion of employment of youth and civic educationPBF/COM/D-6 The project responds to priority needs of the country by contributing to the reduction of unemployment and also allows for measures to solve learning problems of young victims of various conflicts that lack opportunities and become easy targets for the instigators of tensions and conflicts. January 2013-December 2015 $650,000 ILO
Strengthening of the role of women and youth in the process of national reconciliation and peacebuildingPBF/COM/A-4 The project supports the implementation of SC Resolution 1325 (2000) by promoting the vital role that women can play in the prevention and resolution of conflicts and in peace-building, where the interest of the project and its original character. February 2013 – December 2015 $400,000 UNFPA
Project to strengthen national capacity for peacebuilding PBF/COM/E-2 The project aims also to assist in the construction of a strong national capacity to peace-building and to support the country in the implementation, management and coordination of the PBF program by enhancing the country with capacity (institutional, operational and human) required to strengthen the national reconciliation process February 2013 – December 2015 $250,000 UNDP
Support for security sector reforms in the Comoros PBF/COM/B-4 The current project provides support to consolidate and build on the results of the first Security Sector Reform project  by ensuring the strengthening of the security governance, the finalization and adoption of the policy of national security and the strategic development plan of the national police, improvement of the conditions of life and security of the National Police Academy, construction of the central police station of the national police in Anjouan and two brigades of the national police in the Grande Comoros and Moheli sensitive sites, and the reintegration of some demobilized ex – FGA. July 2013 – December 2015 $1,200,000 UNDP


Overview of PBF support and results:

  •  Security sector reforms received a boost from UNDP and DPKO resulting in the drafting of the Security and Defence Strategic Document for Comoros, and reintegration of 150 demobilized soldiers.
  • Capitalising on this work, the rehabilitation of Ongoni (Anjouan) military barracks, and construction of police stations in sensitive sites in Chindini (Grande Comore) and Howani (Moheli), and training on human rights and rule of law for the security forces is scheduled for completion by December 2015.
  • UNFPA provided training for 350 young leaders and 300 women leaders in mediation and conflict management, and the establishment of offices of women mediators of peace in Ajouan and Moheli.
  • The Government with UNDP support launched a country-wide consultative process on the drafting of the Strategic Plan and the Action Plan for Conflict Prevention.

Key documents

pdf Download First Priority Plan 2008
pdf Download Second Priority Plan 2012
pdf Download Independent Evaluation Comoros 2008-2011

Updated October 2015

Quarterly reports for each project are available on the MPTF-O Gateway site

Key Figures

Participating Organizations' 2011 expenditure reports are not yet posted. Expected 30 April of 2012, subject to timely reporting.

Participating Organizations


Key Figures
  • Budget:
  • Transfers:
  • Expenditures:
  • $9.4 m
  • $9.4 m
  • $7.21 m

Quarterly reports for each project are available on the MPTF-O Gateway site